"The facilitator was excellent, energetic and compassionate."  AZ Dept. of EEO

"Cecilia's strength is in thinking outside the box and using all available resources." Lucent/Avaya

"I realized better ways to create a strong working environment." AZ Army National Guard

"She walks the talk." Lucent/Avaya

"The workshop provided tools to develop sincere diversity awareness & explanations to pass along to educate co-workers.  Although I've received other diversity training this offered new perspectives & ideas.  Thanks." AZ Emergency Services and
Military Affairs

"Understanding the importance of diversity will improve my workplace." AZ DES

"Attending the workshop was a eye-opener because it made me aware of changes that are needed within my agency." AZ Dept. of EEO

"Reminded me of the importance of diversity, educated me about the groups of people that can inhibit/cause diversity, and motivated me to be more of a change agent." AZ Dept. of EEO

"Cecilia was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable." Lucent/Avaya

"The variety of exercises reminded me of how much I need to grow & how to value others’ contributions." AZ DES DDD

"Diversity is a necessity to work 'together'."  AZ Dept. of EEO

"Cecilia was good at getting everyone to participate and to have fun!" Lucent/Avaya
"It would benefit all employees to attend this class." AZ Dept of Corrections

"It helps to periodically consider these issues to make sure that diversity becomes a true reality."  NAWBO

"I try to understand and be open-minded in every situation, but this class aides in my continuance of said activity." AZ Dept. of Corrections

"I learned to try to see through the labels that we tend to place on people and finding the value that lies within." AZ Game & Fish

"It is important for me to realize the different individuals I work with and to have an open mind." AZ Hunger Council

"I learned to view the way others could be thinking & how to be a better listener."
AZ Dept. of EEO

"Cecilia is an outstanding Facilitator!" Lucent/Avaya

"Reinforces my personal belief that being an individual contributes to the team and all people are valuable. " AZ Dept of Corrections

"This workshop helped me appreciate diversity and differences." AZ Hunger Council

"Others really need to join this 'movement' as well if it's going to work!" AZ DES

"The workshop allowed me practice lessons I learned in classrooms as well as interact with others and view things from their perspectives." AZ Army National Guard

Public Speaking - Motivational and informative speeches on a variety of management related topics that engage and leave audiences wanting more.

Diversity Inclusiveness - Understanding and utilizing the unique contributions of all employees, customers and suppliers by creating an inclusive work environment.

Team Building - An interactive framework that trains theory in conjunction with experiential indoor/outdoor activities to cement team relationships.

Strategic Planning - Facilitation for key stakeholders to achieve strategic goals by creating, defining, and accomplishing milestones through action-oriented teams.

Career Development - Establishing and improving career mapping for each employee so the individual and the organization evolves and becomes more successful.

Management Skills - Enhancing the workforce by developing Leadership Skills, Managing, Change, Strategic Planning, Coaching and Understanding behavioral Styles.

Facilitation and Meeting Effectiveness - Creating an environment for heightened group engagement by effectively managing group dynamics and utilizing proven meeting effectiveness tools.

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