About Us - Cecilia Chavez founded Competitive Edge Consulting Inc. to primarily focus on Multi-cultural Organizational Development. Her vision is to support organizations in the unleashing of creativity and innovation to attain organizational goals.

Diversity Inclusiveness  - Understanding and utilizing the unique contributions of all employees, customers and suppliers by creating an inclusive work environment. 

Call Center Consultation - Competitive Edge Consulting Inc. is committed to establishing effective, high performing, revenue generating call centers where systems, people, financials, and customers are in balance. 

Career Development  -  Establishing and improving career mapping for each employee so the individual and the organization evolves and becomes more successful. 

Conference Workshops - C.E.C.I. workshops can be designed to any length of time to meet your specific needs - from 75 - 90 minutes in duration for conference settings to full week Organizational Training sessions  

Contact Us - We take great pride in providing our customers with excellent customer service.

Facilitation and Meeting Effectiveness  -  Creating an environment for heightened group engagement by effectively managing group dynamics and utilizing proven meeting effectiveness tools.

Home - Competitive Edge Consulting, Inc.  is a catalyst empowering you to reach your objectives. We provide training and consulting services nationwide to a variety of industries and organization levels.

HR Solutions -  If you are an HR Professional or in need of HR services, look no further for "value-added" HR Solutions!  

Management Skills  -  Enhancing the workforce by developing Leadership Skills, Managing, Change, Strategic Planning, Coaching and Understanding behavioral Styles.

Our Clients - Some of Cecilia's clients include, AT&T, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Colorado State University, Insight, and HISPA.

Privacy Policy - Nothing is more important to Competitive Edge Consulting, Inc. than protecting the private information of visitors to our site.

Products - Offering books and DVD products that enhance our consulting services and workshops.

Public Speaking - Motivational and informative speeches on a variety of management related topics that engage and leave audiences wanting more. 

Services - We provide a host of training workshops and consulting services for your corporate, government, or non-profit and educational needs.

Strategic Planning  -  Facilitation for key stakeholders to achieve strategic goals by creating, defining, and accomplishing milestones through action-oriented teams. 

Team Building  -  An interactive framework that trains theory in conjunction with experiential indoor/outdoor activities to cement team relationships.