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Topics for public speaking events include all subjects in the conference workshops in addition to the following:

  • Diversity, Why it is Profitable
  • The Business Case for Diversity
  • Working Across Generations
  • Working Across Genders
  • Working Across Cultures
  • Working with employees that are disabled
  • Minimizing Level(ism) in the Workplace
  • What the World Holds for You
  • Understanding Self, Understanding Others; DiSC© Profiles
  • The Power of Inclusion
  • The Power of Planning
  • How to Integrate Quality and Diversity
  • Creating Fun work environments
  • Games Winners Play
  • Creating Employee Loyalty
  • Human Resources "Best Practices"


Our founder, Cecilia Chavez, is an organizational consultant and professional speaker on numerous management and employee topics. She has pulled together a team that specializes in people and how to motivate and engage employees so your entire team and organization benefits.

Our wealth of management and consulting experience comes from working with many of the country's leading companies, government agencies, as well as various educational and non-profit organizations. Our public speaking consultants have improved their expertise through formal education, Toastmasters as well as career experience in management and leadership. We focus on finding common connectors for what theoretically, and in practice, work in employee motivation.

We have the energy and expertise to address topics with an engaging story-telling manner that keeps our audiences involved. The emotional and cognitive connection leaves attendees hungry for more.

Explore the many products and services that C.E.C.I. offers; contact us for a consultation.

Keys to Effective Communication
Learning Objectives:
    • Communication Components
    • Dynamics of Listening
    • Differences in How We Communicate
    • Critical Aspects of Effective Communication

Effective Listening Skills
Learning Objectives:
    • Listening Styles Profile
    • Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
    • Non-Judgmental Listening Skills

Customer Service to Customer Astonishment
Learning Objectives:
    • Amaze the Customer Techniques
    • Anticipate Undiscovered Needs
    • Increase Understanding and Commitment
    • Create Loyal Relationships

Empowering People Through Delegation
Learning Objectives:
    • Benefits of Delegation
    • Obstacles to Delegation
    • Changing Paradigms
    • Delegation Process
    • Delegation Case Studies

Diffusing Angry Customers
Learning Objectives:
    • Know the Difference between Angry and Hostile or Abusive Behavior
    • Understand How Anger is Expressed
    • Accurately Reading Behavioral Messages
    • Responding Appropriately and Effectively

DISC® - Understanding Self, Understanding Others
Learning Objectives:
    • Understand Self
    • Understand Others
    • Mutual Adaptation Skills
    • Balanced Work Projects and Outcomes

Entrepreneur Skills Necessary for Business Start-Ups
Learning Objectives:
    • Background and Trends
    • Assessing Your Readiness
    • Market Conditions
    • Financial Considerations

Even Eagles Need a Shove - Enhanced Leadership Skills
Learning Objectives:
    • The Nine Attributes of Leadership
    • Where Do You Fit Within the Ideal Fit
    • What is it Going to Take to Get You There
    • What Will be Accomplished

Getting Your Baby Toe In the Door - Sales Skills
Learning Objectives:
    • Qualifying Customers
    • Identify Potential Clients
    • Contact Flow
    • Selling Your Services/Products
    • Acquiring Sponsorship
    • Know When to Close
    • Know When to Fold

Interpersonal Communication Skills
Learning Objectives:
    • Interpersonal Communication Model
    • Transmission and Reception
    • Active Communication
    • Behavior Styles and Communication
    • Listening Techniques

Marketing Practicum
Learning Objectives:
    • Market Analysis
    • Market Strategy
    • Industry Description
    • Market Segmentation
    • Customer Profile
    • Market Size and Trends
    • Description of Competitive Environment

Build Your Casa (Castle) Then Go Find Your Reno (Prince)
Learning Objectives:
    • Start Teen Women on a Lifelong Economic Journey
    • Introduction to Basic Business Vocabulary, Concepts, and Culture
    • Connect to Entrepreneur Women Role-Models