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Purpose: Understanding and utilizing the unique contributions of all employees by creating an inclusive work environment.


  • Acquire Upper-Level Support for Diversity Initiatives
  • Analyze current organizational success factors against a Diversity Inclusive template
  • Develop recommendations based on organizational Diversity requirements and gaps
  • Implement agreed upon action steps, such as:
  • Team Design - Design diversity council or team to lead the charge
  • Training Design -
  • Phase I Awareness Training
  • Awareness training can include a broad spectrum of the differences that make us unique, or we can tailor our training on one topic relative to your organizational challenges.
  • Examples of dimensions of diversity include, and are not limited to:
  • Age
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Ethnicity
  • Physical and Mental Abilities
  • Organizational Level
  • Phase II Action Training
  • Strategic Planning - Ensure diversity is included in the strategic plan for all organizational levels
  • Reward & Recognition - Ensure diversity improvement and accountability are rewarded and recognized

    Payoff: When individuals reach their potential, entire organizations discover new internal talents and skills, resulting in profitable growth. External diverse markets are discovered and enhanced, also resulting in increased profitability.

    When difference intrigues us enough to want to know more about one another - because difference is viewed as an asset versus a liability - imagine the collaborative possibilities!

    Competitive Edge Consulting, Inc. can give your organization the tools to become a Diversity-Ready Environment aimed at success!

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    Diversity - A Business Imperative
    Learning Objectives:
        • Understand Future Demographic Trends
        • Understand Why Diversity is a Business Imperative
        • Interact in a Experiential Learning Environment
        • Understand the Meaning of Inclusiveness as it relates to Co-Workers and External Customers

    Recruiting and Managing a Diverse Workforce
    Learning Objectives:
        • Demographic Shifts
        • Diversity Recruitment Practices
        • Retaining a Diverse Workforce
        • Setting the Stage
        • On-Going Efforts
        • Key Areas for Diversity Integration

    Why Supplier Diversity is a Business Imperative
    Learning Objectives:
        • Diverse Business Entrepreneurs Descriptor
        • Procurement Trends Implications
        • Population Demographics and Purchasing Power
        • Financial Barriers
        • Entrepreneurs Contribute to Employment
        • Supplier Diversity Models

    Dimensions of Diversity Workshops
    • The Business Case for Diversity
    • Working Across Generations
    • Working Across Genders
    • Working Across Cultures
    • Working with employees that are Disabled
    • Minimizing Level(ism) in the Workplace