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Competitive Edge Consulting, Inc. offers a variety of strategic planning options. We take into consideration the various perspectives, models and approaches of creating a strategic planning session tailored to your assessed needs.

The nature of your organization's leadership, company culture, organizational complexity, environment, and size are considerations in the pre-planning stage. Two of the most common types of planning sessions are:

  • Goals-Based Planning - Focus on the organization’s mission and vision
  • Issues-Based Planning - Issues facing the organization and action-plan strategies used to address those issues


All of our plans can be scoped to one, three, five or ten years into the future.

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Conducting a "Needs Based" Assessment with Your Client
Learning Objectives:
    • Doing Your Homework Before the Meeting
    • Asking Fact-Finding Questions
    • Summarizing Needs for Concurrence.

Learning how to manage actions items so progress is made and goals are achieved
Learning Objectives:
    • Implementing a Follow Up template
    • Creating a process to track goals and benchmarks

Meeting Agenda Management Tools and Processes
Learning Objectives:
    • Utilizing a Meeting Agenda Template
    • Understanding the difference between Information Processing and Information Sharing
    • Tightly managing meetings according to pre-determined timeframes
    • Conducting engaging meetings and actualizing goals