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We are experts in:

  • Web based 360° Assessments for any level employee with or without focus groups
  • Increasing Human Effectiveness
  • Workplace Collaboration
  • Creating Results-Driven Behaviors


C.E.C.I. has the dynamics and experience to:

  • Assess your organization and individual needs
  • Tailor training to meet surfaced needs or goals
  • Conduct training for management, staff and employees
  • Train staff in the use of our products
  • Conduct train the trainer programs


If you are an HR Professional or in need of HR services, look no further for "value-added" HR Solutions!

Explore the many products and services that C.E.C.I. offers; contact us for a consultation.

Recruiting and Managing a Diverse Workforce
Learning Objectives:
    • Demographic Shifts
    • Diversity Recruitment Practices
    • Retaining a Diverse Workforce
    • Setting the Stage
    • On-Going Efforts
    • Key Areas for Diversity Integration

Sexual Harassment Prevention
Learning Objectives:
    • Definition
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Organizational "Must-Haves"
    • Types of Harassment
    • How to Handle an Investigation

Dispelling Human Resource Professional Myths
Learning Objectives:
    • The Definition of Human Resources
    • Dispelling Human Resource Myths
    • How to Increase Human Effectiveness, Issues Facing Organizations
    • Organizational Development and Understanding of Behavior
    • Human Resource Professionals Critical Skills
    • Lessons Learned