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Goal: Competitive Edge Consulting, Inc. is committed to establishing effective, high-performing, revenue-generating organizations where systems, people, financials and customers are in balance.

In our fast-paced work environment, we lose site of our people. How to develop people with the skills and abilities to become efficient team members and superb leaders is what Competitive Edge Consulting, Inc. can train your organization to focus on.

Competitive Edge Consulting, Inc. can diversify to work with large organizations as well as individual training. We value one-on-one coaching to help individual employees and teams at all levels in their careers reach their full potential.

Phase I: Assessment of your employees' attitudes, skills, measured performance standards and results.

Phase II: Management Training Courses as needed:

  • Employee Performance Development Skills
  • Web based 360° Assessments for any level employee with or without focus groups
  • Employee Appraisal Skills
  • Career Development Skills
  • Team Building Skills
  • Motivational Skills
  • Employee Involvement Skills
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Creating and Managing Quality Teams for Continuous Improvement Efforts
  • Change and Transition


Phase III: Employee Training Courses as necessary:

  • Quality Team Member Roles and Responsibilities
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Career Development
  • Leadership Skills
  • How to Acquire Feedback
  • How to Improve Performance through Tone and Manner
  • Team Building
  • Strategic Planning

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The Learning Organization How To's
Learning Objectives:
    • Defining a Learning Organization
    • Learning Organization Principles
    • Incorporating Disciplines

Managing Change and Transition
Learning Objectives:
    • Understand/Apply the Characteristics that Lead to Successful Change
    • Develop and Achieve Goals
    • Gain Control of the Change Process Through Different Strategies

Keys to Effective Communication
Learning Objectives:
    • Communication Components
    • Dynamics of Listening
    • Differences in How We Communicate
    • Critical Aspects of Effective Communication

Effective Listening Skills
Learning Objectives:
    • Listening Styles Profile
    • Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
    • Non-Judgmental Listening Skills

Customer Service to Customer Astonishment
Learning Objectives:
    • Amaze the Customer Techniques
    • Anticipate Undiscovered Needs
    • Increase Understanding and Commitment
    • Create Loyal Relationships

Empowering People Through Delegation
Learning Objectives:
    • Benefits of Delegation
    • Obstacles to Delegation
    • Changing Paradigms
    • Delegation Process
    • Delegation Case Studies

Diffusing Angry Customers
Learning Objectives:
    • Know the Difference between Angry and Hostile or Abusive Behavior
    • Understand How Anger is Expressed
    • Accurately Reading Behavioral Messages
    • Responding Appropriately and Effectively

DISC® - Understanding Self, Understanding Others
Learning Objectives:
    • Understand Self
    • Understand Others
    • Mutual Adaptation Skills
    • Balanced Work Projects and Outcomes

Getting Your Baby Toe In the Door - Sales Skills
Learning Objectives:
    • Qualifying Customers
    • Identify Potential Clients
    • Contact Flow
    • Selling Your Services/Products
    • Acquiring Sponsorship
    • Know When to Close
    • Know When to Fold

Interpersonal Communication Skills
Learning Objectives:
    • Interpersonal Communication Model
    • Transmission and Reception
    • Active Communication
    • Behavior Styles and Communication
    • Listening Techniques

Mining Group Gold - Effective Meeting Structure
Learning Objectives:
    • Create Structure
    • Develop a Meeting Template
    • Understand "Stages of Group"
    • Learn Meeting Facilitation Techniques
    • Develop "Process Observation Skills"

Recruiting and Managing a Diverse Workforce
Learning Objectives:
    • Demographic Shifts
    • Diversity Recruitment Practices
    • Retaining a Diverse Workforce
    • Setting the Stage
    • On-Going Efforts
    • Key Areas for Diversity Integration

Sexual Harassment Prevention
Learning Objectives:
    • Definition
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Organizational "Must-Haves"
    • Types of Harassment
    • How to Handle an Investigation

Take Charge of Your Career
Learning Objectives:
    • Current Trends and Implications
    • Career Template
    • Business Fields
    • Personal Excellence Audit
    • Managing Your Objective
    • Resources

Dispelling Human Resource Professional Myths
Learning Objectives:
    • The Definition of Human Resources
    • Dispelling Human Resource Myths
    • How to Increase Human Effectiveness, Issues Facing Organizations
    • Organizational Development and Understanding of Behavior
    • Human Resource Professionals Critical Skills
    • Lessons Learned

Facilitation Techniques that Work!
Learning Objectives:
    • The Disciplines of Facilitation
    • Experience Disciplines
    • Develop Meeting Template
    • Learn What is Meant by Intervention
    • Understand "Stages of Group"
    • Develop "Process Observation Skills"

Coaching Employees for Success
Learning Objectives:
    • Improve Development Communication
    • Understand How To Give Effective Feedback
    • Understand the Importance of Improvement Action Plans
    • How to Conduct Performance Analysis
    • Coaching or Recognition