Founded in 1998, Competitive Edge Consulting, Inc. is the brainchild of Cecilia Chavez. The inspiration behind Competitive Edge was Cecilia's experience in the corporate environment, such as AT&T, working primarily on Multi-cultural Organizational Development.

Her work in developing, training and rewarding employees, as well as providing strategic planning, project development and implementation, also contributed to the desire to create a company specializing in enhancing clients organizations effectiveness and profitability.

Meet the CEO

With this experience behind her, Cecilia decided to offer the same type of focus to various corporate, non-profit organizations and educational institutions and government agencies. Her vision is to support organizations in the unleashing of creativity and innovation to attain organizational goals.

Competitive Edge Consulting, Inc. provides many "value added" employee and organizational development processes and services that align with increased effectiveness and HR Solutions. Cecilia believes that when you invest in people, you invest in future success. This concept is the basis for all the services C.E.C.I. provides clients as stated in the vision below.

Another principle Cecilia believes in is leveling the playing field for any individual or group that is at a disadvantage. This approach of inclusiveness applies to every individual in any business and is much more than race and gender such as age, physical/mental ability, language, education, sexual orientation, or job title. Cecilia discovers where dominant groups, who lay the roundwork for the whole group, practice inclusive or excusive behaviors and or norms. These norms can be expressed or implied, overt or subtle, by the dominant group. Helping the dominant group become aware of their behaviors and determined to create inclusive work environments is the basis for Cecilia's work.

Why should an organization be inclusive? Because we have a business to run and the "whole" of the "people potential" is much more profitable then a "piece"! How does one engage the "whole" of an organization? By including every individual, regardless of difference, and tapping their potential for creativity and innovation in evolving business opportunities. CECI approaches this vision by helping organizations unleash creativity and innovation in all its people. An organization cannot accomplish this unless there is inclusiveness throughout.

Cecilia Chavez, born and raised in the small town of San Rafael, New Mexico, was intrigued by differences even as a very small child. She questioned why some people were treated one way and others treated another. This theme is carried throughout her life. She attended an all girls Navajo school in Window Rock, Arizona, became an executive assistant to a visually impaired business owner, and traveled at a young age to foreign countries and experienced other cultures.

Cecilia's corporate background focused on many capacities of management and leadership. Cecilia expanded on her diversity journey by traveling across the nation for several years conducting Diversity Workshops for AT&T working with all levels of the organization. One common theme discovered in her travels was that exclusive behaviors are evident everywhere. The only distinguishing difference is what dimensions of diversity the behaviors and/or norms are based on. Race, age, geographic origin, accent, etc.

Cecilia's workshops focus on individual and organizational development. She helps individuals take the initiative to develop their own careers and eliminate a blame approach, "My boss did not tell me, or help me, or coach me" and replaces it with, "If it is going to be, it is up to me!" She also helps an organization develop strategic plans, quality teams and structures, effective meetings, customer supplier relationships, employee performance and career development processes that are inclusive in scope.

Stellar facilitation and presentation skills are the components that Cecilia brings to any organization. She firmly believes in the concept of "giving back to the community," so she is involved in many community functions and also works extensively with non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

Cecilia has participated and been appointed to many Boards and committees, both locally and nationally, to focus on Diversity Inclusiveness. Cecilia is also certified through the National Minority Supplier Development Council. In 2008, Competitive Edge Consulting Inc. was named in one of the top 50 minority businesses for the state of Arizona out of 3,600 minority firms statewide.

Cecilia is committed to weaving the value of Diversity into an organization's fabric as a Competitive Edge utilizing her expertise in public speaking, workshop facilitation, consulting and training!

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CECI's Honors & Awards

Top 50 Minority Businesses in Arizona.

National Association of Women Business Owners - Phoenix Chapter - President's Choice Award

Selected as one of the first awardees of the Anna Maria Arias - Latina Style Memorial Business Fund - in the amount of $5,000

Grand Canyon Minority Supplier Development Council - Minority Supplier of the Year - 1 million or less

Grand Canyon Minority Supplier Development Council - Minority Business Advocate of the Year

Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce "Novato" Award - New Business of the Year